Roger Stone on Pro-Trump Violence at Convention: It’s Beyond My Control If It Happens


MSNBC recently banned Roger Stone from their programming and the man, an ardent Donald Trump supporter, has been accused of inciting violence when it comes to his preferred candidate and the possibility of a contested convention, which it almost seems like he is gunning for. What better time for CBS Miami to do an in-depth piece on him?

The voiceover refers to his office as his “lair” and the written portion of the piece wastes no time in telling readers that he has been described as “a professional lord of mischief.” Stone is never shy and neither is anyone who speaks of him. Note that the reporter is described as someone who has known Stone for many years and they shake hands warmly at the beginning of the filmed portion of the feature. “Lair” and “lord of mischief,” then, appear to be not so much slights as descriptions.

He addressed the backlash he received when he said he would give out the hotel room numbers of delegates who weren’t voting for Trump at the Republican National Convention. While talking to CBS4’s Jim DeFede, he doubled down, saying that voters have a right to knock on the doors of their delegates.

He said he still plans to release the names and hotel room numbers. When DeFede asked about fears that visitors could escalate their responses to violence, he said this:

Look, we have to expect that these are adults and that it would be counter-productive — and I think we will stress this in our rallies, in our speeches, in our communications material — we’re not looking to rumble. We’re looking to outnumber. That’s the point.

Earlier, though, he’d been filmed saying this:

When did I say “violence”? I didn’t say, “Go to their rooms and kick the shit out of them.” If that should happen, that would be beyond my control.

Watch the entire interview above.

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