Roger Stone Questions Whether Huma Abedin Is Saudi Spy or ‘Terrorist Agent’


Former Donald Trump confidante Roger Stone was on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily today and, in discussing Orlando, fueled conspiracy theories about longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin being some kind of terrorist agent.

Abedin was infamously accused of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood years ago in a conspiracy that cites her as evidence that radical Islam is infecting the U.S. government. A lot of people said that was crazy, some didn’t.

But Stone today said that in the wake of Orlando, people should look again at whether “the administration of Hillary Clinton at State was permeated at the highest levels by Saudi intelligence and others who are not loyal Americans. I speak specifically of Huma Abedin.”

And that wasn’t even the half of it.

Stone brought up reports on her “troubling” alleged ties to terrorists and Islamic radicals. And then he said this:

“She has a very troubling past. She comes out of nowhere. She seems to have an enormous amount of cash, even prior to the time that she goes to work for Hillary. So we have to ask, do we have a Saudi spy in our midst? Do we have a terrorist agent?”

Stone brought up just how influential Abedin is––and her direct connections to Clinton’s email scandal––to conclude, “That is going to be a major, major issue. And what is her relationship with Hillary Clinton? I think that all gets adjudicated in this campaign.”

You can listen above, via SiriusXM

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