Huma Abedin

Mike Huckabee Blasts Michael Cohen Raid: ‘Nobody Busted Down Cheryl Mills’ Door’

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Withdraw Divorce Case From Court

Jeffrey Toobin Blasts Trump in Scathing Rant: ‘This is What Happens In Authoritarian Countries!’

James Clapper Hits Back Hard At Trump’s ‘Deep State’ Tweet: It’s ‘Disturbing’

Huma Abedin Sent Sensitive Info On Yahoo Account… Which May Have Been Part of ‘State-Sponsored’ Breach

Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison for Sexting a Minor

Watchdog Group Accuses Clinton State Dept of ‘Pay-to-Play’ After Obtaining New Emails in Lawsuit

‘It Was Going Downhill Really Fast’: Anthony Weiner Sexting Victim Speaks Out

Hillary Regrets Not Going After Ex-FBI Director During Election: ‘What the Hell Was Comey Doing?’

Benghazi’s Back! Judge Orders State Dept to Obtain Emails From Clinton Aides

After Filing for Divorce, Huma Abedin Reportedly Inviting Anthony Weiner Back Home

FBI Sends Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee to Clarify James Comey Testimony

Trump Social Media Director Dan Scavino Threatens to Share Video of Hillary Concession Call

Report: James Comey ‘Misstated’ Facts About Huma Abedin Emails (UPDATED)

‘Yes, It’s a Crime’: Dem Senator Calls For ‘Special Prosecutor’ to Investigate Huma Abedin

Sounds Like Huma Abedin Might Write a Post-Campaign Book

Report: Huma Abedin ‘Working Hard’ to Save Her Marriage to Anthony Weiner

State Department Just Released More Hillary Clinton Emails

Pro-Trump Ad Campaign Attacks Huma Abedin For Being of ‘Pakistani Origin’

Tapper Confronts Podesta on FBI: Isn’t This All Clinton’s Fault for Setting Up That Server?

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