Ron Paul’s Campaign Chairman Angrily Cuts Off Interview With CNN’s Dana Bash


It’s the night before the first electoral primary in the nation, and the pressure may be getting to some of the candidates– at least, perhaps, Rep. Ron Paul, who answered several questions from CNN’s Dana Bash until she asked about a voter who was dismayed she did not get face time with the candidate, a question his handler called “junky” before Rep. Paul, finger pointed at her chest, blamed the media for losing him that one vote.

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It wouldn’t be the first time on this campaign trail that the media got blamed by one of the Republican candidates for adversely affecting the campaign. It wouldn’t even be the first time Rep. Ron Paul abruptly ended an interview with CNN. This time, a second question that a Rep. Paul handler did not like did Bash’s interview in. The first question she is seen asking is about the Paul Campaign in Florida, and whether the light structure there said something about “your efforts to win the nomination.” Rep. Paul replied that they were approaching Florida in the same way that they were approaching Iowa, and “we did pretty good there.”

Her second question was about a specific voter, “A woman who was a New Hampshire voter, voted for Obama in 2008… if she would’ve been about to shake your hand and look you in the eye, you would’ve gotten her vote,” Bash noted. “Does that say anything about your ability to connect?”

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“That is a junky question, I’m stopping,” interjected the handler, while Rep. Paul answered the question: “you, the media, did that to her,” her told Bash, turning to Fox News’ Griff Jenkins while Bash appeared confused as to what she had done wrong.

CNN has yet to report on the incident, but thankfully it was shot and already uploaded to YouTube. The clip (shot by Evan Kenney) below:

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