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Rush Limbaugh: Gender Equality Is WNBA Players Wearing Latex Gloves For Prostate Exams

As of yesterday’s program, Rush Limbaugh hasn’t said something questionable in… three days an hour or so. This, of course, was highly problematic, especially given that all his material lately has been so Obama-centric. But luckily, it’s October– Breast Cancer Awareness month! Or as Limbaugh sees it, prime time to highlight the outrageous “invasion” of women into “virtually everything”– from country clubs to sports to, in the future… prostate exams?

Limbaugh was angry that, despite the average yearly diagnoses of breast cancer being slightly lower than those of prostate cancer (209,000 to 217,000 a year), the NFL has chosen to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness month. Limbaugh asked his “resident sexist” about the matter, who had a novel solution:

“There’s not one single male endeavor that women haven’t invaded now. They have invaded virtually everything. They have invaded the country clubs, the business clubs, and now the National Football League. And [Sexist Sidekick] said ‘I’ll believe this when I see the WNBA wearing latex gloves for prostate cancer… I did think it was pretty clever, latex gloves for Prostate Cancer Month.”

Yes, September was Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, according to Limbaugh, which “you didn’t hear anything about” because “women are considered an oppressed minority,” and men are not.

You know how every year MTV tries to outdo itself in “pushing the envelope” at the Video Music Awards, but for the past five years or so they’ve just been recycling the same “shocking” footage of scantily-clad girls kissing and rappers using the f-word, as if the audience isn’t supposed to expect that? This clip sounds a bit like the Rush Limbaugh equivalent of this phenomenon: Limbaugh is just trying so hard to be relevant and controversial and a general nuisance, but he’s been on the air for so many years and has fielded challenges from so many outlandish figures in politics that now he’s throwing the kitchen sink at the microphone and hoping at least one listener’s blood begins to boil. Many are just laughing.

The audio from yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh radio program below:

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