Talk Radio

President Trump Turns To Talk Radio For Tax Reform Pitch

Twitter Mocks Rush Limbaugh for Evacuating Ahead of Irma: ‘Decided to Flee the Liberal Hoax’

Joy Reid Says Trump Success Based On Embracing ‘Anger and Rage’ From ‘Rush Limbaugh’

Conservative Talk Radio Host Admits ‘We’ve Created a Monster’

Rush: GOP Establishment Is Getting Ready to Vote for Hillary

Right-Wing Radio Host Suggests Slavery as Solution to Undocumented Immigration

O’Reilly: Right-Wing Radio Hosts Were Right About Obama All Along

Crossfire Tackles Talk Radio v. Cantor: Did Voters ‘Nominate Laura Ingraham’?

Maher Tears Into Right-Wing Talk Radio: Just ‘Bitching’ and Preaching ‘Stupidity’

Michael Savage Trashes ‘Fake Conservative’ Hannity: ‘One Of The Most Shallow Men In Media’

Ohio Mosque Arsonist Blames His Crime On Watching Fox News And Listening To Talk Radio

Michael Savage Blames Justice Roberts’s Epilepsy Medication For Health Care Ruling

Limbaugh Chides ‘Tepid’ Romney Response To AZ Immigration News: ‘Not Ready For Primetime’

Rush Limbaugh: ‘I Have A Better Record Of Job Creation Than Romney Or Obama’

Michael Steele To Laura Ingraham: Planned Parenthood Used Abortion To ‘Limit’ African-Americans

Rush Limbaugh: CBS/New York Times Poll Proves War On Women Failed

Rush Limbaugh Leaving Philadelphia AM Station, To Be Replaced By Michael Smerconish

Gingrich: Obama’s Comments On Trayvon Martin Were ‘Disgraceful,’ ‘Appalling’

Liberal Radio Host Ridicules Tornado Victims: ‘Their God Keeps Smashing Them Into Grease Spots’

Rick Santorum Accuses Bill O’Reilly Of Refusing To Interview Him Because He ‘Wasn’t Worthy’

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