Rush Limbaugh Is Proud Of McDonald’s For Standing Up Against Happy Meal Lawsuit

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is threatening to sue McDonald’s into abandoning the Happy Meal. The group believes the toys in the meal are enticing children into eating potentially dangerous junk food; McDonald’s, calling the suit “frivolous,” has no intention of breaking tradition. But who are the “Center for Science in the Public Interest”? According to Rush Limbaugh, they are your aunt, and they live in your basement.

The company’s CEO Jim Skinner showed no qualms about the matter, placing responsibility in the hands of parents and dismissing the threats. Limbaugh, for one, was proud to see “a corporate CEO standing up to a bunch of leftist statists in the minority”– it was probably the first time in a while that anyone has been proud of McDonald’s.

As for the CSPI? Limbaugh doesn’t see them as legitimate, calling them “a bunch of kooks” and making a humorous comparison to “your crazy aunt in the basement who gives herself a logo and a fax machine and sends it out to the media and says she’s against whatever.”

Audio from Limbaugh’s radio show below:

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