Rush Limbaugh On Iowa: Santorum’s The Winner, Paul’s The Loser, And ‘Obama Looks Like A Space Alien!’


Well, Iowa is done so now it’s time to sit back and go through different interpretations of the results. And, if we’re going to be listening to various people’s thoughts, that means we’ve got to listen to what Rush Limbaugh has to say. Why do we have to listen to Rush Limbaugh? Is it because, as he puts it, he’s “America’s real anchorman?” No, it’s because he’s the only media figure who, in the middle of his analysis, will take the time out to accuse Barack Obama of looking like “Max Headroom.”

So, what did el Rushbo have to say?

Well, first he explained that he wasn’t at all surprised by the results. Why? Because he basically predicted the whole thing last month. Limbaugh played a clip from December 14th in which he explained that everyone’s declarations that it was already down to two people (Mitt Romney and Newt Gringrich) were way off. At the time, Limbaugh had claimed that there were rumblings of people who wanted a more conservative candidate and that they would inspire a surge from one of the Rick’s, Santorum or Perry. And, well, you’ve got to hand it to him. That’s basically what happened.

Really, though, isn’t it kind of sad when these media figures go on and on about how their predictions came true? Don’t they have any sense of humility. Jeez.

Wait…hold on. What did Limbaugh just say? Did he just say that Ron Paul is the big loser because he didn’t get enough votes and that now he’s totally “over?” Holy crap! That’s exactly what I predicted people would start saying! Oh, man! I am the best predictor ever! Suck it, everyone!

Ahem, where were we?

Anyway, if Ron Paul’s the loser, then who’s the winner? Well, Limbaugh wouldn’t be Limbaugh if he just went by the numbers. While Mitt Romney may have pulled off a narrow victory, Limbaugh gives the real win to Santorum. He also focused on Gingrich, predicting that he would be so angry at Romney for basically destroying his chances with his PAC ads that he would put all his energy in destroying him. That, of course, would be another boost for Santorum.

Limbaugh defended Santorum against those on the Left who he accused of trying to ruin him with accusations of “Big Government Conservatism.” As Limbaugh explained, conservatives do like the government to step in in some situations. However, he argued that this was actually “Responsible Government.”

The media also took a hit for perpetrating what Limbaugh saw as a huge “crock”; the idea that last night’s results help President Obama. Many are saying that, as long as the GOP is still campaigning against each other, Obama can get off free. Limbaugh disagreed, saying that this further fight will just push Romney more to the right which will hurt the President in the long run.

Then we got this quote:

“Did you happen to see any of the videotape of Obama doing his ‘dog and pony show?’ I’m telling you, I don’t know how this happened. Folks, they added 25 years to his appearance. He looked like Max Headroom out there. Barack Obama looked like a space alien! He looked like he was 75 years old!”

And that is why Rush Limbaugh is America’s Real Anchorman™.

Listen to the audio below:

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