Rush Limbaugh’s Advice To Romney On Debate: Don’t Apologize For ’47 Percent’ Remark

Rush Limbaugh's Advice To Romney: Don't Apologize For '47 Percent' Remark

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh discussed Mitt Romney‘s already much-discussed “47 percent” remark. Noting that Romney’s gotten rather close to apologizing for it, he offered the GOP hopeful some advice: don’t.

“Romney has, at least to me, gotten close a couple of times on the stump to apologizing for the 47 percent comment,” Limbaugh said. “Now, what if he does that tomorrow night? What if he apologizes for it?”

Answering his own question, he added, “That would be bad. Don’t go there.” It “opens too many doors,” he added.

Then, Limbaugh let us in on the “dirty little secret” that, well, “there are a lot of people who agreed with him when he made the comments about the 47 percent.” Apologizing won’t take the issue off the table, he added, noting what the chatter would sound like:

Romney admits he was wrong, Romney admits, Romney admits, Romney admits, what else is Romney wrong about? What else does Romney need to apologize for? Does Romney need to apologize for letting the guy’s wife die? Does Romney need to apologize for sheltering his income? They can revive every ad that Obama’s run.

The Obama campaign is done, Limbaugh said. And the “47 percent” comment is their lifeline: “It really indicates how little the regime has in their campaign arsenal if that represents so much.”

Listen below:

(H/T DailyRushbo)

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