Salon Apologizes For Tweet Calling Nicki Minaj ‘Savage,’ but Twitter Won’t Have It

Salon published a tweet Monday morning about the unscripted verbal spat between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus during Sunday night’s MTV VMAs in which the former was referred to as a “savage.” The news website’s Twitter account quickly removed the previous tweet and replaced it with another, but social media activists were already up in arms by then.

Here’s the original and subsequently corrected tweets, via Ryan Dalton:

The first describes Minaj’s “rant” against Cyrus as “savage” and “expletive-laden,” whereas the former rewrites it as “raw, righteous rebuke.” However, despite the correction, activist Twitter wasn’t having it:

Salon issued an apology on Twitter within the next hour:

Yet this still wasn’t enough for some:

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