Samantha Bee Calls Out Fox For Ignoring Women’s Marches Outside of ‘Liberal Enclaves’


On Wednesday night, Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal” aired its first episode of the Donald Trump administration on TBS, and unsurprisingly, the two topics covered most heavily were Trump’s inauguration and the Women’s March the next day. The latter (embedded above) was probably the most noteworthy segment of the show, especially for us at Mediaite, as a key part of Bee’s Women’s March coverage focused on how Fox News’s own coverage. Specifically, how the conservative-leaning network pretended that there were no parallel marches outside of “liberal cities” and “liberal enclaves” on the coasts.

“There were sister marches from coast to coast, and, if you watch Fox, nowhere in between,” Bee said (skip to 2:29 if you want to jump straight to that part of the segment). From there, she cuts to a series of quick clips from Fox News with the following quotes:

  • “Big protests yesterday, all over the country, Los Angeles, big liberal cities, New York City…”
  • “Liberal people from liberal cities gathered en masse. […] I’m not sure that’s a message that’s going to resonate, again, outside liberal cities.”
  • “These are all liberal enclaves. I mean, these are all folks that came out on the coasts.”

“Yes, snooty coastal enclaves like Des Moines, Iowa — the Kennebunkport of the Prairie), [and] Wichita, Kansas — I think Anna Winter took Hampton Jitney to that one,” Bee said, replying to the clips. She also cited Mentone, Alabama (50 people out of a population of 360 were marching) and Fairbanks, Alaska (2,000 people out of a population of 32,000 and change marching in negative 19 degree weather) as positive examples, among others.

Check out the full segment, which also includes a live performance by a cappella groups GW Sirens and Capital Blend, at the top of this article.

[Photo: “Full Frontal” YouTube screen grab]

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