Sanders Rips Fox Host: Bill O’Reilly Will Move to Ireland If I Win, So Vote For Me!

Bernie Sanders appeared on The Late Show Wednesday night fresh off of his New Hampshire victory, and Stephen Colbert provided a hard-hitting interview on the feasibility surrounding the Senator’s campaign policy proposals.

As he asked Sanders about his primary win, Colbert also brought up Monday’s episode of The Late Show which featured Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, who said that Sanders and Donald Trump were two sides of the same coin of anti-establishment frustration.

Sanders took it in stride, saying that one more reason why people should vote for him is because it would cause The O’Reilly Factor host to leave the United States. “Electing me for president is a two-fer; you get Sanders, and you get Bill to go to Ireland,” Sanders joked.

After expressing serious doubts about Sanders’ chances, O’Reilly has commented on multiple occasions that he would flee to Ireland if Sanders actually manages to win the presidency.

Sanders acknowledged that O’Reilly had a valid point about the anger shared between his own voters and those of Trump’s; however, Sanders ripped the mogul for pushing a “false narrative” of scapegoating instead of offering solutions to problems like those Sanders was focused on.

Watch above, via CBS.

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