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Sarah Palin Appears To Be Gearing Up For 2012 Presidential Run

The Daily Beast’s Shushannah Walshe is reporting that Sarah Palin and her team are making definitive steps toward a 2012 Presidential run.

Through Palin has resisted making concrete statements about her intentions, the opinions of those closest to her are a good indicator. Those involved in her crew, SarahPAC, are a loyal bunch and no one talks to the press without the approval of the boss. Her top aide Rebecca Mansour says, “She respects her team and her team respects her and we’ve learned that she knows what she’s doing.” A former 2008 staffer put it more bluntly, “she is attracted to people who are going to take a bullet for her because she really will ask you to one day.”

Last April, Palin’s SarahPAC met at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference to plan their strategy for the Midterm elections and beyond, reports Walshe. One of the issues discussed was the possible hiring of a communications director. At the time, the team decided against it, instead continuing to rely on Twitter and Facebook, supplemented by Palin’s contract with Fox News. More recently, the team has started releasing their own press releases. Another issue discussed was the management of endorsements.

Palin’s picks have done well during primary season: Joe Miller in Alaska, Sharron Angle in Nevada, and of course, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. With each victory, Palin comes closer to creating the network of powerful allies to support a Presidential run and governance. When asked if that was Palin’s intention, Mansour responded, “bingo.”

Mansour did remain coy about her boss’ Presidential aspirations, only saying, “One of the things I have learned about her is her instincts are really good.”

A former aide believes that Team Palin is certainly planning a campaign, commenting:

“It has become very apparent to everyone on her staff that she is preparing to run for president. The staff is now working. They are writing speeches, preparing talking points, picking congressmen to endorse all under the umbrella of what you would do two years out before running for president and that’s their understanding. It’s a 2012 ball game, and they should plan on that basis.”

Team Palin has their work cut out for them. According to an August a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, nearly 60% of the country does not think she has the ability to be an effective President.

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