‘Satirical’ News Site Strikes Again with Fake Breaking Bad Story

Sigh. For the last goddamn time, the National Report is NOT real, folks. It’s a site reliant on people’s gullibility and susceptibility to hoax news. And it struck again this week with a story about Breaking Bad season six.

Oh, hell no, now you’ve gone too far.

If you’ve ever read a National Report story, you know how this works. They come up with something that’s obviously not true, write it up as if it was, and just put it out there. And it’s never funny. It’s literally just taking something that isn’t true and making it look like it is.

In fact, this Breaking Bad hoax piece, which features elaborate fake quotes from cast and crew members getting pumped for the new season, actually linked to a real interview Bryan Cranston gave about a possible continuation of the series.

There is one throwaway line in there about an anti-masturbation dolphin that’s obviously meant to hint at the unseriousness of the piece, but it’s thrown in there between chunks of really serious text that somehow, lots of people fell for. Yes, go through this to see people by the score falling for it.

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