Say What? Sarah Palin Says ‘Splodey Heads Keep Sploding’ Over Trump Victory


Former future Vice President and current Donald Trump-backer Sarah Palin was at her verbal slap-chopping best Friday afternoon as she appeared at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado to stump for the real estate mogul. The former Alaska governor showed true frontier resourcefulness when she decided to just use made-up words when she ran out of real ones to toss into her word salad. Palin described her panel with James Carville at last weekend’s Politicon this way:

I told them, you know, it’s really funny to me to see the splodey heads keep sploding over this movement.

Palin also had a comically hard time getting out the phrase #NeverTrump:

The highlight of the speech, though, had to be Palin putting that whole “racism” thing to bed by first pointing out how intolerant it is for people not to tolerate overt racism, and later by pointing out the obvious evidence that Donald “Mexicans Are Rapists” Trump can’t be a racist because… well, listen:

Trump has been covered in the spotlight for decades, years and years, showing so many of his friends and colleagues of every race, color, and creed. Great relationships with them all. And see the press knows that, because they’re the ones that did the covering of him. And Trump was never called a racist!

Actually, though, people really did call Donald Trump a racist long before he ever ran for president, or even began insisting President Obama was secretly born in Kenya.

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