Scarborough: White House Repeatedly Said ‘Jared Would be De Facto Secretary of State’


Did sources in the White House tell Joe Scarborough that President Trump planned to make Jared Kushner “De facto Secretary of State?”

He certainly seemed to suggest as much on Morning Joe this morning — even saying he would “testify under oath” that he had been told so.

The revelation came as the morning host took some time out of Morning Joe, Thursday, to talk about the trials of Rex Tillerson. Politico reported last night that that the perennially overshadowed Secretary of State exploded at a White House aide during a recent meeting over West Wing blocking of senior State Department appointments.

“They’re thinking ‘we don’t really need a Secretary of State, Jared’s going to be running everything himself,'” said Scarborough, “They’ve now gotten into a situation, they said it, I’ll testify under oath they said it repeatedly, Jared’s going to be the de facto Secretary of State,”

The claim, made somewhat offhandedly is a potentially huge development and would suggest that Jared Kushner’s recent forays into international affairs with nations like Russia and Israel have not been aberrations.

Now it’s exactly clear who the “they” Scarborough was referring to is, but, based on his usage of the pronoun throughout the segment, it seems clear “they” could only be officials within the White House.

Scarborough also used the moment to go to bat for Tillerson saying his explosion was a patriotic expression and came from a natural sense of frustration over being undercut by Donald Trump.

“What Rex Tillerosn did was not unprofessional. What Rex Tillerosn did was patriotic, and way overdue,” he said. “They have cut Rex Tillerson off at the knees.”

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