Scott Brown’s ‘Available’ Daughter Does Damage Control

Clear your mind, for now, of the coup de grace Senator-elect Scott Brown is poised to deliver to major health care reform.  Bracket, for just a sec, the fact that Brown took Ted Kennedy’s senate seat back for the GOP – a feat approximately as unlikely as the mesh tank top’s being remarketed, in some alternate future, as a garment for rugged hetero males.  No matter what he does on Capitol Hill, Mr. Brown has already done enough never to be forgotten, as he’s discovered a new species of political scandal: daughter-pimping.  Or should that be daughter-pimping-gate?

Fresh off his upset victory, Brown announced that both his daughters – wait, no, sorry, ahem, just one – were available.  For about five minutes, it seemed like maybe no one had noticed.  Like maybe things would be, you know, OK.  Then Brown sat back, a newly minted senator, and watched his glory disappear in a monsoon of horny jeering . . .

Watch below as Ayla, the daughter in question, does damage control.  Looking weightily prepped, Ayla, a former American Idol contestant, expresses a fond tolerance for Dad’s silly habit of encouraging huge crowds to make a go at her.  “He does that to Arianna and myself often,” Ayla confides.  She wisely declines to comment on whether the scandal will affect sales of her just-released CD.

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