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Scott Brown: If I Hadn’t Done Cosmo, I’d ‘Never Be Sitting Here’

Newly-elected Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown made his Sunday morning show debut today, with a very Barbara Walters-like Barbara Walters interview on ABC’s This Week.

It gave millions a chance to get to know the up-and-comer Republican, and gave Brown the opportunity to come face-to-face with his Cosmo spread.

One of the most interesting moments came when Walters produced the actual Cosmo spread Brown appeared semi-nude in which led to some laughter and jokes. Walters asked if there was a double standard for Brown, however, and if a woman had appeared in a similar light it would have hurt her chances to win elected office (a point raised here):

I think if someone is qualified, regardless of what they did in their youth…we all make mistakes. I’m not perfect. And do I regret doing that? No. Cause if I hadn’t done that, I never would have met my wife, never would have had my kids, I never would have been sitting here with you. It’s all connected. So is there a double standard? I hope not. If someone is qualified to do the job, they should be able to do it, regardless of what they’ve done in the past.

It’s a curious idea – that there’s some karmic connection between Brown’s nudie pics and him sitting across from Barbara Walters as a newly-elected Senator. Walters also asked what would happen if his “available” daughters wanted to do a similar thing:

Well I would leave it up to their discretion. I don’t think that’s in in the cards though. They’re very confident, intelligent young women. They’ll probably have different career choices.

During one particular personal exchange, about Brown’s childhood and parents’ divorce, he and Walters joked about whether she would make him cry or not. He didn’t. The whole interview was a good look into the thought process of Brown, who many knew only on the surface even as he grew in popularity over the recent weeks.

What we learned: he thought the “Tea Pary movement” was influential, but didn’t get him elected, he’s still pro-choice, he thinks Sarah Palin could be President (but isn’t sure yet about himself), he supports Ben Bernanke and thinks Pres. Obama should keep Tim Geithner. Check out the full transcript here.

Also – he’s already getting parodied by SNL. He has arrived. Here’s the Cosmo part of the discussion:

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