Scott Pruitt Resigns, Gets Brutally Mocked For His Many Insane Scandals



EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt “resigned” on Thursday, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter, and the jokes flowed forth on the social media platform.

That comes after months of embarrassing scandals rolling out about the Trump cabinet member, which ranged from outrageous to outright bizarre.

His letter of resignation was leaked and it’s a cringeworthy mess. He thanked Trump for “blessing” him and blamed his ouster on “unrelenting attacks” (not, apparently, the 13 investigations into his behavior).

Those unrelenting attacks he’s referring to are the series of reports revealing his behavior at the EPA: for starters, he tripled the size of his security detail, spending $3 million of taxpayer money on it.

He also forced his security to use lights and sirens on his motorcade en route to dinner at bougie D.C. restaurant Le Diplomate.

He dispatched one staffer to fetch him a used mattress from Trump Hotel, one particularly bizarre move that Kellyanne Conway‘s husband highlighted on Twitter:

Then there was the time he dropped $43,000 on a soundproof phone booth for his office.

Don’t forget when he tried to get his wife a job as a Chik-fil-A franchisee!

Or when he spent $1,500 on fountain pens…

OR! When he spent $2,700 on “tactical pants” and “tactical polos.”

It wasn’t just writers that got in on the fun. These two Democratic lawmakers made the same dad joke:

The Daily Show provided a reminder of just how many Trump administration officials have been thrown overboard:

Farewell Pruitt, do not forget your Ritz Carlton lotion when you pack up your soundproof phone booth.

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