See If You Can Spot Why Customers Want Amazon to Pull This Anti-Clinton Shirt


Here’s a tweet that has inspired a lot of anger on the ol’ timeline today:

Stacey Burns, a reporter for Rewire, found the shirt on Amazon and blasted out a screenshot to her nearly 5,000 followers, asking them to call the retailer’s customer service line.

See, the sellers of this shirt and the others bearing a similar slogan seem to think that wishing the fate of Nicole Brown Simpson on Hillary Clinton is, what…? Funny? Clever? Simpson was brutally found murdered outside of the home where her children were sleeping and it was widely believed that her husband O.J. Simpson did it, even after he was acquitted by a jury. So, is the, uh, punchline that Clinton should meet the same fate at the hands of her husband? Domestic violence is now a reasonable thing to wish upon a presidential candidate? 

Burns’ followers have been retweeting her and calling the company, though some have questioned why they should:

Still others are reporting that their calls are met with shock:

Unfortunately, this is only one example. That slogan appears on a number of shirts in the marketplace and it isn’t like there is any shortage of otherwise sexist anti-Clinton apparel out there. But hey, it’s a Friday afternoon. If it’ll send you into the weekend feeling good about yourself, give the online giant a little ring.

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