Senior Trump Advisor Gets Laughed at After Sticking to Popular Conspiracy Theories


If I’m remembering correctly, it’s a character in The Da Vinci Code who says something like, “Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.” While we all may wonder about the likelihood of President Obama announcing alien life sometime in the next few months, there does seem to be a genuine fascination with connivance from Donald Trump. The presumptive nominee of the Republican party has a bizarre, documented and did-I-mention-bizarre fascination with all things conspiratorial, as CNN’s Don Lemon indicated at the top of a segment last night.

Lemon pointed to many of the conspiracies in the world that Trump has long identified front and center: links between autism and suicides, the scores of people cheering in the streets after 9/11, Rafael Cruz basically firing JFK’s magic bullet, Obama’s Kenyan birth, and the most recent facepalm on the list: the suicide of Vince Foster, which Trump has called, “fishy.”

The CNN host cornered Senior Trump Advisor Tana Goertz on the above, asking directly, “Is Donald Trump a conspiracy theorist?”

Goertz — who was a contestant on season three of The Apprentice — doubled down so quickly on her boss’ claims that they seemed to take her panel off guard, leaving many of them, including Lemon, simply to laugh. “No, he’s not,” she said, “he just likes to get people thinking and doing their own research to find out the facts.”

Regarding the suicide of former Clinton aide Foster, when Goertz was pressed to answer for the fact that Trump is bringing it up on the campaign trail despite five investigations into his death, Goertz simply noted, “There should have been more than five investigations.”

“To only have five investigations! That doesn’t seem like enough,” Goertz stubbornly said.

“It wasn’t enough to suit people who believe in the conspiracy theory,” rebutted Lemon, and as Georgetown’s Mo Elleithee later pointed out in the segment, the official findings even left Foster’s own family satisfied with the thorough investigations.

Although Lemon drove the lion’s share of questions aimed at Goertz, it was clear that no one else on the panel was buying a word of Goertz’s lines. “I don’t know what to say to this,” Elleithee said in a stunned fashion.

Watch the above exchange from CNN.

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