Shep Smith: ‘Anchoring Can Be the Most Boring Thing on Earth’

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith enjoys his work, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. And in a new interview with TheWrap, Smith actually talks about how boring his job can be and how boring politics can be.

He talks about the need for reporters to emotionally distance themselves from the stories they cover, because “if you get bogged down in the emotions of things your judgment will get clouded.”

Smith also addresses his recent commentary scolding the media coverage of Ebola panic. He was bothered by the fact that the media was “scaring a lot of people unnecessarily” over the virus coming to America.

But even with stories like Ebola and the upcoming midterms to cover, Smith admits that at times, his job can be ungodly boring:

“Anchoring can be the most boring thing on Earth… It’s great, and I love the job, I’m certainly not complaining about it but this is not where any reporter wants to be when news is breaking except all of a sudden [because of the Deck’s resources] we can really get our hands around something that’s bigger than we are.”

He also thinks that while politics can be fascinating, “politicians are boring.”

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