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Shep Smith Slams Israel For Blacking Out Judith Miller

Israel does not always have the best reputation when it comes to reliable journalism but wow, this is taking it to a whole other level…and Shep Smith is appalled.

The other day former NYT reporter and current Fox News contributor Judith Miller penned a piece for The Daily Beast about 23-year-old Israeli journalist Anat Kamm who has been under house arrest for “allegedly stealing and leaking secret Israeli defense ministry documents to a journalist from Ha’aretz.” There’s more. Says Miller in the article: “In an extremely rare action, an Israeli court has ordered the Israeli media not to publish or broadcast a word about Kamm, the allegations against her, or the investigation.” The order apparently extends to international news, as evidenced by a reprint of Miller’s piece that literally had huge chunks of it blacked out on the front page of an Israeli paper. “They didn’t even cut it out and change the space on the page, they just blacked it out,” exclaimed Shep.

Miller points out that while it remains to be seen whether Kamm’s acts were criminal, or even treasonous, what is not okay is how the Israeli government has essentially made Kamm “disappear.” Shep emphatically agrees. Video below

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