Shirley Sherrod Would Like BigGovernment Shut Down

Shirley Sherrod is angry and justifiably so. However, while some recipients of her scorn might not be entirely deserving, you can’t begrudge her for having a beef with Andrew Breitbart. Today on CNN’s American Morning, John Roberts and Kiran Chetry pressed Sherrod as to what she thinks the appropriate payback would be. After a little prodding from the CNN team, Sherrod didn’t mince words; she’d like BigGovernment shut down.

After Chetry asked if Sherrod would file a defamation suit against Andrew Breitbart, Sherrod agreed that she should. She points out that any apology from Breitbart (which still hasn’t come) wouldn’t be good enough and that he’s someone she’d like to “get back at.” Both CNN hosts quickly asked her to clarify and, when they asked if she’d like to see his site shut down, she again answered in the affirmative.

“That would be a great thing. Because I don’t see how [BigGovernment] advances us in this country. I don’t see how that helps us. At a time when we have many, many minority groups in this- many, many ethnic groups is, I guess what I need to say- in this country. At a time when we should be looking at how we can make space for all of us in this country so that we could all live and work together. He’s doing more to divide us.”

Breitbart, of course, weathered similar legal battles following the ACORN tapes (a more recent lawsuit related to the tapes doesn’t list Breitbart as a defendant). However, if Sherrod decides to go ahead with any plans to “get back” at him, if apologies from the President aren’t enough, it will be interesting to see if Breitbart will make it out of this one unscathed as well.

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