comScore Slate’s Matt Yglesias Compares Paul Ryan to Virgin ‘Doing Oral and Anal’

Slate’s Matt Yglesias Compares Paul Ryan to Virgin ‘Doing Oral and Anal’


For those who want to learn how to troll the Internet, take a lesson this week from Slate’s Matt Yglesias. While suggesting the Republicans have lost “purity” on tax cuts, the writer compared GOP budget leader Paul Ryan (R-WI) to virginal teenagers who experiment with anal and oral sex as a means to keeping their “promise ring.” As one would expect, this analogy did not go over very well, especially with conservative social media users.

Yglesias tweeted the article, entitled “Taxation Without Penetration,” with a teaser line: “Here’s how Paul Ryan is like a girl doing oral and anal to keep her promise ring.”

In the piece, the economics writer posited that Ryan’s bipartisan budget deal has plenty of tax increases, but because of a desire to keep the “promise ring” with anti-tax warriors like Grover Norquist, the GOP has filled the deal with a “set of meaningless distinctions” like “fees” instead of “taxes.”

“If horny teenagers are smart enough not to make big life choices according to semantics and technicalities, then members of Congress should pull themselves together and do the same,” he concluded. “Rigid opposition to raising revenue has failed as a governing ideology. That’s what Ryan is tacitly admitting with this deal. Now he needs to admit it to himself.”

The mockery was swift…

…and didn’t always fall down predictably partisan lines:

That’s just a tiny sampling. One needn’t dig very deep to find more of the mockery and anger in response to Yglesias’ tweet/article. Just take a peek here.

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