Snoop Dogg Got in on NY Times Editorial Board’s Reddit AMA

When The New York Times Editorial Board editors held an Ask Me Anything session of Reddit Tuesday, they likely did not expect to receive a question from rapper Snoop Dogg. But given the paper’s recent decision to come out in favor of federal marijuana legalization, perhaps they should not have been surprised.

Snoop Dogg (AKA Snoop Lion), who held his own AMA last year under the username Here_Comes_The_King, decided to chime in and ask the editors, “whats wrong wit a lil wake n bake??” He received a quick, and possibly disappointing response from Andrew Rosenthal.

See a screenshot of the exchange below:

As expected, most of the questions focused on the marijuana editorial, including one from a user who used quotes from former executive editor Bill Keller to question the paper’s drug testing policy.

“The issue of drug testing is a matter of corporate policy, and I don’t make corporate policy, and neither does anyone else in the editorial department,” Rosenthal responded. “I was asked about this the other day by Chris Hayes and I said that if they asked me, I would say we should stop testing for marijuana use, but that I’m not all that sure I will be asked.”

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[Photo via Wikimedia Commons]

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