Somebody Snapped Up a URL Accidentally Made By Rudy Giuliani and Used it to Troll Trump


A bit of helpful advice for Twitter neophytes: Always, always make sure to leave a space after a period.

That’s a lesson Rudy Giuliani did not heed in a Tweet in a Friday tweet, and now, he’s paying the price.

The tweet, on the surface, seemed to be indistinguishable from many others from the Giuliani account — just some more mudslinging on the Robert Mueller probe.

But you’ll note, due to Giuliani forgetting to leave the space after the period, that the hyperlink G-20.In was created. (.in is a valid domain — it is the top web domain for India.) And what happened as a result of Giuliani’s blunder? Some jokester went out and bought G-20.In — and left a brutal message for the former New York mayor’s client, President Donald Trump:

Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country.

The troll job eventually was picked up on by many on social media — who had themselves a grand ol’ time:

Always leave the space.

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