Someone Defaced Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star


When he’s not too busy getting reprimanded for his general treatment of women by Rush Limbaugh (yeah, let that sink in for a minute), Donald Trump is busy scheduling appearances on Stephen Colbert‘s new Late Show and Bobby Jindal‘s latest YouTube attack ad. He’s so famous, you’d think he was Hollywood royalty!

Actually, Trump kind of is — at least in the sense that he became the 2,327th person to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007. Why? For his pioneering television work with NBC on the hit show The Apprentice, of course!

Hence why some unknown assailant decided to mark it over with an “X” in yellow paint on Thursday:

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Leron Gubler said they “regret that someone would deface a historic landmark.”

“People who have a disagreement with Donald Trump should not take it out on the Walk of Fame,” Gubler added. “The star will be restored to its original condition as soon as possible.”

Frankly, the yellow paint used by the culprit is just about the right coloring for Trump’s hair. Maybe whoever the chamber of commerce hires for the clean-up job should remove the the portions of the “X” that cover the star itself, but use the same paint to adorn it with the 2016 GOP presidential candidate’s famous hairdo.

The workers would be more than happy to do this extra bit of work, especially since they’d probably qualify for immediate deportation in Trump’s America.

[h/t The Hill, The Hollywood Reporter]
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