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Spicer Forgets Trump, Says Oprah Doesn’t Have ‘Political Infrastructure’ for Presidential Run

Spicey’s back! And even though he’s out of the White House, the former press secretary is apparently still capable of putting his foot in his mouth.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain early Monday, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer weighed in on the prospect of Oprah 2020 — an idea which is all the rage after her powerful speech at Sunday’s Golden Globes. But Spicer — the former press secretary to President Donald Trump — seemed to suggest that the campaign bumper stickers shouldn’t be printed just yet.

“She doesn’t have the political infrastructure,” Spicer said. “And we’ve seen this before in our history — where people who have tried to pop in who are not in politics and have had a difficult time adjusting.”

Of course, Spicer’s former boss didn’t have a minute of political experience prior to his becoming leader of the free world (unless one regards rage-tweeting during Fox & Friends as sufficient political infrastructure). Good Morning Britain anchor Piers Morgan promptly called Spicer out for his hypocrisy

“Sean! Sean! Sean!” Morgan screamed, leaning over his desk. “The current president of the United States had no political experience! Sean! You were his press secretary! Have you forgotten Donald Trump?!”

Spicer tried feebly to walk back his comments.

“That withstanding, President Donald Trump proves that there is an appetite for outsiders, and that you don’t necessarily have to have [experience],” Spicer said. “The question is: Was that an anomaly, or is that the new norm?”

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