Stephanie Miller: Speaker “Boehner Is A Darker Color Than The President”


Now, dudes: No need to feel alienated from being judged and mocked for your looks; ladies can’t be expected to have all the fun, after all. Liberal comedian and radio talk show host Stephanie Miller – notorious for rankling conservatives with her on-air comments – is keeping the playing field even by poking fun at Speaker of the House John Boehner‘s complexion. Also, did you hear that he cries?

While discussing the Speaker, Miller and her show’s producer, Chris Lavoie, mentioned her earlier joke about Barack Obama making “the Boehner cry” (Note: I, too, wish it were pronounced like a certain bodily function, solely for the amazing pun potential such a pronunciation would allow. But, alas, it’s “BAY-ner.”)

And then came an observation about Boehner’s warm glow – an observation that, of course, acts as rather juicy bait for conservatives who will (we’re guessing) most certainly ask why it’s excusable to make comments about the Speaker’s skin color:

And then the other big thing I noticed – I’m sorry cause you know you can’t help the visual, okay – Boehner is a darker color than the President.

Lavoie then chimed in with quite a specific observation:

I tweeted last night that if he wore and avocado green tie, he would totally be a 1970’s kitchen.

A new fun party game could be, possibly, “Name That Politician-Inspired Dated Home Decor Style.” Perhaps the rhetoric in the media isn’t so much vitriolic or violent as it is, well. Kind of silly?

Listen to audio of Miller and Lavoie’s beauty critique:

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