Stephen A. Smith Goes on Rant Explaining Away His Domestic Violence Comments


Someone get that iPhone out of Stephen A. Smith‘s hands: After the ESPN anchor said some pretty terrible comments about who bears responsibility for domestic abuse, his female colleagues weren’t having any of it. “I was in an abusive relationship once. I’m aware that men & women can both be the abuser,” a very pissed Michelle Beadle tweeted. “To spread a message that we not ‘provoke’ is wrong. Violence isn’t the victim’s issue. It’s the abuser’s. To insinuate otherwise is irresponsible and disgusting. Walk. Away.”

And now, Stephen A. Smith is upset that the world thinks he’s blaming women for provoking their own abuse. So he took to Twitter to explain himself. Did he do it? Let’s find out:

So…no. No, he did not learn anything at all. Sigh.

Smith, sit down and listen: one does not “prevent” domestic abuse, in the same way one “prevents” the spread of germs by washing hands, or “prevents” a war by sending in Bill Clinton to negotiate between Israel and the PLO, or “prevents” LeBron James from scoring by putting up a strong defense. If you’re the type of person who feels the need to control their partner — to the point where violence is an easy way for you to achieve that end — you’re going to find any excuse to do so, no matter how diplomatic your partner may be. That is the abuser’s fault, 100%. Even you admitted that some men will just hit women it in your rant today. And yet you continue to ask them to “prevent” it.

We’re also surprised that no one is trying to stop him, either:

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