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Strom Thurmond Once Hit On a Teenage Chelsea Clinton

strom thurmondA former House Republican leader revealed this week he once saw Strom Thurmond––who was in his 90s in the 1990s––hitting on a teenage Chelsea Clinton.

Tom DeLay spoke with Mother Jones to refute a story Clinton has been telling for years about how despite their political differences, the two of them came together to get an adoption bill done. DeLay said, “I don’t remember ever working with her.”

But he went on to tell this anecdote:

“She had Strom Thurmond on one side of her and me on the other,” DeLay recalls. “I thought, ‘What a terrible thing to do a young lady.’ Strom Thurmond, he kept hitting on her.” (Clinton once revealed in a speech that Thurmond had in fact turned to her then-16-year-old daughter and said, “Chelsea, if I were a younger man, I’d court you.”)


When Clinton was 16, Thurmond was around 94.

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