Strzok’s House Judiciary Hearing Plunges Into Absolute Chaos As Lawmakers Exchange Heated Barbs


Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee testimony from FBI agent Peter Strzok descended into absolute chaos shortly after the opening statements.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was the first to question the agent. The Congressman asked Strzok how many people had been interviewed in the Russia probe from July 31-Aug. 8. Strzok declined to answer, saying that FBI counsel instructed him not to answer questions about an ongoing investigation.

This set off the chaos, as lawmakers exchanged heated barbs and bickered over hearing rules.

“Mr. Strzok, you are under subpoena and are required to answer the question,” said committee chair Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA).

Ranking minority member Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) interjected.

“I object,” Nadler said.

“The gentleman does not have standing to object,” Goodlatte fired back.

Nadler eventually was allowed to speak by stating a point of order.

“This demand puts Mr. Strzok in an impossible position,” Nadler said. “He is still an employee of the FBI. And FBI Counsel has instructed him not to answer the question. If we have a problem with this policy, we should take it up with the FBI, not badger Mr. Strzok.”

“The gentleman’s point of order is not well taken,” Goodlatte said.

And that, we can assure you, was just the beginning.

Later, as part of what was — in total — a dramatic 10-minute halt to the proceedings, Nadler tried to get the hearing to adjourn.

“You’re not recognized for that purpose,” Goodlatte said.

After laughter in the chamber, Nadler said, “Mr. Chairman, I think you have no choice but to recognize such a motion.”

“I do not,” Goodlatte replied.

“Are we just gonna make up rules as we go along?” Another Congressman asked.

Watch the madness above, via Fox News and CSPAN.

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