Tapper Blasts Roland Martin: ‘Really Not In a Place To Be Lectured’ By You ‘On Journalism’

It looks like CNN’s Jake Tapper just isn’t having it today.

Following Tapper’s interview with Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin this morning in which the CNN anchor pressed Mnuchin on Trump’s false claims about the GOP tax plan representing the biggest tax cut in history, TVOne’s Roland Martin took to Twitter to inform Tapper that the “media needs to stop with the false claims.”

It appears Tapper took that as Martin lecturing him on how to do his job. And the State of the Union host didn’t take too kindly to that.


Regarding the debate question, Tapper is referring to emails that showed Donna Brazile received Martin’s contributions to a March 2016 CNN Democratic town hall event while she was still working for CNN. She then shared those questions with Hillary Clinton prior to the event.

A half-hour after Tapper sent this tweet, he sent another one tweaking the TVOne host for his lack of an immediate response.

If/when Martin responds, we will make sure to update this post.

UPDATE 12:37 PM ET: And Martin has fired back at Tapper.

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