Roland Martin Fires Back at Tapper: ‘I Don’t Care What You Think…I Don’t Serve You’ (UPDATE)


Earlier today, CNN’s Jake Tapper lit into TVOne’s Roland Martin after Martin took to Twitter to tell Tapper that the media needs to stop using the term “false claims” and instead should be using the word “lie” when calling out President Donald Trump. Martin had taken issue with Tapper telling Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin that Trump had falsely claimed that the latest GOP tax plan was the biggest tax cut in history.

After Tapper said he didn’t need to be lectured by Martin on journalism and that Martin still needed to answer for how his debate questions made it to Hillary Clinton’s campaign last year, the TVOne host fired back. And he took some pointed shots at the CNN anchor.

Martin ended his tweetstorm by saying he didn’t need to be lectured by Tapper and that he didn’t care what the State of the Union host thought of him.

Of course, Tapper had a response. And in typical Tapper fashion, he didn’t hold back.

One feels like this back-and-forth is far from over.

UPDATE 3:19 PM ET: The CNN host took to Twitter again to note that Martin had yet to answer for unethically sending questions to the Clinton campaign — something Tapper specifically asked him to answer for — and instead was pivoting to other issues that were entirely unrelated.

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