Roland Martin

Roland Martin and Deroy Murdock Get in Heated Battle Over Reparations: ‘Shame On You!’

Roland Martin Says Democrats Need to Ask Poor White Voters in Mississippi: ‘What the Hell Do You Have to Lose!?’

Roland Martin Rips MSNBC Guest’s Defense of Trump’s Lack of Diversity: ‘Please Don’t Quote Dr. King’

‘Try It’: Roland Martin Clashes With Scaramucci Over Trump Attacks on FBI

Are Roland Martin and Donna Brazile Getting Off Easy On Their CNN/TV One Town Hall Scandal?

Roland Martin Fires Back at Tapper: ‘I Don’t Care What You Think…I Don’t Serve You’ (UPDATE)

Tapper Blasts Roland Martin: ‘Really Not In a Place To Be Lectured’ By You ‘On Journalism’

Roland Martin: ‘White Evangelicals Do Not Care’ About Roy Moore Allegations

Roland Martin Completely RIPS John Kelly’s Civil War Comments: ‘Shame On You!’

Roland Martin Rips Jeff Flake: ‘Not Giving Anybody Props For Giving a Speech and Then Cutting and Running’

Chris Ruddy Downplays Trump’s Media Attacks: He’s Not Calling the IRS to Audit Mika and Joe

Roland Martin: Trump’s ‘Aligning Himself With Nazis’ is ‘Shameful and Should Not Go Unchecked’

‘Blood is on Trump’s Hands’: Roland Martin Rips President Over Charlottesville

Roland Martin to Bolling: Obama Didn’t Play Golf While He Tried to Pass Health Care

Fired Professor Reflects on Tucker Carlson Face-Off: ‘I’m Not Going to’ Apologize

Roland Martin to Democratic Party: Stop Treating Black Voters as ‘Political Sharecroppers’

Fox’s Bolling Slams Roland Martin as ‘Lame-Ass FAKE Hypocrite’ in Quickly Deleted Tweet (UPDATED)

Roland Martin Told White Nationalist Richard Spencer He Could Self-Deport Too

Firing Brazile Is a Start, But CNN Needs to Launch Full Investigation Into Leaks

After Giving Clinton Question in Advance, Donna Brazile Promised ‘I’ll Send a Few More’

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