Tapper: ‘I Find it Interesting the Idea That a 70-Year-Old Man Shouldn’t Be Held Accountable for His Words’


During a panel discussion on CNN’s The Lead this afternoon, anchor Jake Tapper got a bit snarky regarding the attempts by White House officials to cover President Donald Trump over his series of tweets where he baselessly accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones.

Tapper played a video clip of House Intelligence Committee Chairman (and former Trump transition team member) Devin Nunes excusing Trump’s remarks due to the president being a “political neophyte.” The rest of the panel essentially came to the conclusion that Trump made a specific accusation and isn’t providing evidence, but the White House is still doubling down on the claims.

“Time and time again this president continues to do things that make it very hard for his allies to defend him,” Washington Post reporter Abby Phillip said. “And this is just one of those times. I mean, being a political neophyte is not really an excuse once you’ve been sworn in as president of the united states. you have to do the job.”

With Jennifer Granholm weighing in that the hardest job in America is the White House press secretary, Tapper tossed out a harsh observation.

“I find it interesting the idea that a 70-year-old man shouldn’t be held accountable for his words,” the anchor stated.

Just towards the end of the segment, Tapper once again let loose his sarcasm.

“And what he actually meant was I just read a story in Breitbart and I completely misunderstood it,” he noted after Phillip pointed out that Trump made a very definitive statement when accusing Obama.

Watch the segment above, via CNN.

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