Teen Vogue Highlights That Mike Flynn Met With Austrian Alt-Right Leader at Trump Tower


Editor’s Note: This article originally did not give credit to The New York Times for being first to report the story regarding the meeting that allegedly occurred between Mike Flynn and Heinze-Christian Strache. We’ve updated this post to reflect that fact. 

Teen Vogue is doubling down on their new reputation for being the go-to source for political news.

Last month, Mediaite mentioned that the little sister to Vogue has been consistently pumping out smart political analysis for its young readers to consume along with the standard hair tutorials and fashion tips. Earlier this month, one of their analytical articles went crazy-viral, prompting a bunch of thinkpieces about how little credit we give the journalists who work for so-called “ladymags” and teen magazines.

Now that the general public is sort of warming up to the ideas that taking young women seriously and trusting that they can care about their nail polish and the economy are cool, Teen Vogue doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down. A perfect example of this is yesterday’s story about the fact that, well, “Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor Met with ‘Alt-Right’ Freedom Party Leader.” While the alleged meeting was originally reported in a New York Times article, the teen news outlet explained to their young readers why it was such a big deal that Trump’s National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, recently met with Heinz-Christian Strache, the head of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party, which was established by former Nazis after World War II.

Once again, people took notice:

Almost cheekily, they tweeted a link to the story, in the most Teen Vogue way possible:

They dove in and got to work explaining why that should be cause for concern among Americans:

It should be obvious that this meeting between Trump’s National Security Advisor and the leader of a neo-Nazi movement is extremely alarming. This meeting calls back to the words of representatives from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, who spoke out after the “alt-right” held a chilling conference in Washington D.C. praising Trump. They reminded us, through their statement, that the Holocaust didn’t begin with killing – it began with words.

Strache announced the meeting briefly in a Facebook post. He also revealed that he signed a “cooperation agreement” with Russia. Teen Vogue cautioned readers not to be fooled by the brevity of the statement about Flynn and to stay aware and informed.

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