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The 7 Most ‘Awkward’ Crowdsourced Websites

New blogs and websites built around crowdsourcing show up every day. It’s a simple concept – take a funny idea that everyone can relate to, have Internet readers send in their own examples of it happening (through pictures, screen shots, tweets, art, etc.) , and then post the best submissions on your site. While some of these imaginative sites have been both hysterical and innovative, there have also been a slew of poor attempts to capitalize on this cultural phenomenon.

There isn’t an exact science to predicting what sites and ideas will resonate with the online audience. One thing that has proven to be true is that blogs dedicated to subjects that are universally appealing – fashion, food, travel, pets – have a greater chance of making it than blogs focused on a more niche or targeted audience. Along those lines, it seems that awkwardness plays a major role in people’s lives.

It’s a word that has perhaps lost its meaning and intent as teenagers and young adults today use it so freely. In different contexts, “awkward” can mean everything from weird to stiff. “Awkward” has petty much become a replacement for the word “uncomfortable,” single-handedly conveying all of the speechlessness, disturbance, annoyance, uneasiness, and embarrassment that young people endure each day. So it comes as no surprise that this mutually understood (and now welcomed) awkwardness has found its way onto web pages as a resource to connect people. Rather than emphasize the gripes of dealing with unanticipated situations, these contributors and readers highlight the entertainment value to their uncomfortable social circumstances.

Here, the seven best sites that embrace the world’s awkwardness:

7. Awkward Band Photos: Posing for a picture with your musical group – whether for an album cover, poster, or other feature – can prove more difficult than you’d expect when you factor in that musicians have their own senses of style and looks.

6. Awkward Facebook: People share a good deal of their personal information and thoughts on Facebook, but sometimes you have to wonder if they thought their comments through before posting.

5. Awkward Workplace Photos: Some jobs put you in more precarious positions than others. The site lets you vote on the level of awkwardness that the people in these images share as a result of their professional pursuits.

4. Awkward Boners: The title says it all. The site allows you to vote on the level of awkwardness of each of these men’s uncontrollables, making these moments less creepy and more comical.

3. Awkward in 140: Twitter’s character limit produces difficulty for some Twitterers who wind up sending messages like “Lovely. The toilets are really loud at church and they’re praying” and consistently provide just a little too much information.

2. Awkward Stock Photos: Stock images are popular on the Internet, but they can also look clumsy next to more serious stories. This site collects the best pictures that make you wonder “Why would this picture possibly need to exist?”

1. Awkward Family Photos: This Internet favorite and soon-to-be coffee table book  brings together all the photos that families once buried in the back of the album in order to demonstrate that every family has the same photographic issues and shame.

Photos via Awkward Stock Photos, Awkward Workplace Photos and Awkward Band Photos. You can get your own damn Awkward Boners photos.

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