The AP Has Officially Decided How to Pronounce Covfefe


Oh, finally! The Associated Press to the rescue! Finally, the confusion, the fixation: it’s all over.

AP has provided a pronunciation guide and a definition for today’s buzzword:

Covfefe (cuv-fey-fey) noun: A sure sign that President Donald Trump has regained control of his Twitter account.

For those living under a rock, here’s a recap: at 12:06 a.m. Trump gifted us a lovely little Twitter gem:


And then, radio silence. Not another word from our tweeter-in-chief. Until 5:48 a.m., when the tweet was suddenly taken from us, save for the millions that screenshot the bizarre tweet and can forever cherish it.

Trump’s futile attempt at humor fell flat, too, when he followed up with this tweet:

Sean Spicer definitely didn’t do Trump any favors by claiming that “the President and a small group of people knew exactly what he meant” with his use of the word. Oh, Spicey.

Well, Trump did say he has the best words.

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