Joe Scarborough Compares Donald Trump to ‘A Kid Pooping His Pants’


Morning Joe took a scatological turn in its second hour on Thursday after Joe Scarborough spent an uncomfortably long time teasing out an extended comparison between Donald Trump and “a kid pooping their pants.”

The comment came after the gang played a clip of Sean Spicer attempting to explain Convfefe — yes we’re still talking about that — during yesterday’s audio only press conference.

“I think you said something before the show that really kind of summed it up,” said co-host Mika Brzezinski, who has clearly been in a goading mood this morning.

“Uh-oh,” someone said off camera — possibly Willie Geist — who evidently knew what was coming.

“You know what you said,” said Brzezinski.

“What was that? What did I say?” said Scarborough, momentarily befuddled.

Brzezinski couldn’t contain herself a moment longer. “Like a kid pooping their pants and then saying I meant to do that!” she said with evident glee.

With his memory jogged — Scarborough gave his panel (and everyone else) an extended explanation.

“Oh yes yes. Well yes. It would be like somebody pooping their pants and then people looking at it and saying ‘oh that’s modern art don’t you understand. I am making a statement against Russian aggression in Crimea. And so this is my statement and if you don’t get it then there is something wrong with you not me.'”

“And we always have Spicy to back it up. Thank you Spicy,” added a giggling Brzezinski. “That’s what Covfefe is if anybody wants to know” … Pooopy pants.”

It goes for quite a bit and we don’t need to write down every detail here. At various points the MJ panelists laughed nervously with Yahoo’s Bianna Golodryga looking particularly uncomfortable during the exchange.

“No mas,” said a pleading voice off camera, that sounded a lot like Mike Barnicle.

Mika closed it out.

“We’re Harvard fellows! No covfefe in your pants!”

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