The Blurbs on WaPo’s New Book on Trump Are All Trump Quotes


The Washington Post has been following Donald Trump‘s campaign closely from the outset. They have a staff of about 20 reporters whose job it is to research and write about Trump, after all; this is very much what they do. In fact, their scrutiny of the Republican nominee is so thorough that the reporters who cover him for WaPo are putting out a book.

As Politico reported in April, the book is  co-authored by investigative political reporter Michael Kranish and senior editor Marc Fisher, relies on reporting from “dozens” of the other reporters, is being overseen by  Editor-in-Chief Martin Baron, and being edited by publisher Scribner’s EIC Colin Harrison.

The Trump campaign has been critical of WaPo, of course, banning them from events and railing against them in public. For the book, the authors decided to just run with it:

The blurbs are all Trump quotes. The first is him trashing their plans to write the book. The second is him telling the authors he wants to help make the book a good one because a bad one could be “detrimental” to him. The third is him exclaiming that he’s having fun talking to the authors and finally, the fourth is him getting ahead of the book’s effect by declaring he is sure it will be negative.

Please note that Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau predicted not only that Trump would run for President one day, but that a book about it would feature the man’s own quotes as blurbs.

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