The Economist Cover Illustrates Trump Using a KKK Hood as a Megaphone

Get to know Joe Berkeley. He is the illustrator credited with the stunning cover image –seen above– of the most recent issue of The Economist promoting and article entitled “Donald Trump has no grasp of what it means to be president.” Like Edel Rodriquez, the New Yorker’s Barry Blitt and the NY Times Chritsoph Niemann, Berkley might deserve inclusion among great political illustrators during the Trump administration.

Is it fair to suggest that Trump is speaking to a racist side of his base as this cover suggests? Well in his provocative and equivocal “both sides” press event on Tuesday, he did defend White Supremacists marching with torches (who he called “innocent protestors) with the counter-protest and anti-Nazi individuals who he blamed for not having a permit to march (though they did.)

Before Trump’s base of supporters dismiss this as propaganda put forth by a “left-leaning rag,” The Economist is a sober and well-respected outlet that has earned praise from conservative and moderate points of view. A recent CBS Poll, however, tells us that 67% of Republican surveys believe that Trump handled the deadly unrest in Charlottesville appropriately.

So there is that.

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