The Five Fires Back at James Comey After Taunts Against Fox News: ‘He’s a Joke’


After former FBI Director James Comey took shots at Fox News during a news conference on Capitol Hill Monday, the crew on The Five — save for Juan Williams — fired back.

Surprisingly, the show kept its powder dry until the second segment. But when they finally did tackle Comey’s comments, the crew didn’t mince words about the former FBI Director.

“I think Comey’s Boy Scout image, squeaky clean, I’m not really feeling it anymore,” said Jesse Wattersas if he hadn’t felt that way prior to Monday. Watters added, “He seems cyncial, and jaded, and hyper-partisan to me.

“He thinks he’s a Boy Scout,” Greg Gutfeld said. “But he’s more like a disgruntled pit bull.”

Guest co-host Jedidiah Bila went even further.

“He’s a joke,” Bila said. “He’s the only person I’ve seen up there that has less self-awareness than Hillary Clinton. He just has no sense that he comes off so antagonistic, takes no responsibility.”

Watters then cited Comey’s anti-Fox remarks.

“I really dislike how he went after Fox News,” Watters said. “How DARE he attack First Amendment in this country!”

And that was Juan Williams jumped in to back Comey — taking a shot at his cohorts in the process.

“Yeah gee,” Williams said facetiously. “I don’t think anybody on Fox News pushes any of the president’s agenda.”

“We know your agenda, Juan,” Watters said, interjecting.

“How ’bout the truth?” Williams shot back.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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