comScore The Top 10 Most Presidential Donald Trump Tweets

The Top 10 Most Presidential Donald Trump Tweets

Some political observers have denounced newly announced Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as “unpresidential,” “unfit for office,” and “completely and utterly batshit.” But a quick perusal of the real estate mogul’s Twitter account reveals that Trump is precisely the man we need in the White House:

When Trump took the high ground

When Trump took a stand against autism

When Trump endorsed same-sex relationships

When Trump’s Twitter gave him honest-to-God superpowers

When Trump took on Chinese propaganda

When Trump extended his condolences to the victim of a plane crash

When Trump denounced America’s institutional racism

When Trump helped correct a publishing error

When Trump endorsed Team Jacob

When Trump endorsed compliance to Sharia law

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>> Follow Alex Griswold (@HashtagGriswold) on Twitter. His tweets aren’t nearly as presidential.

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