These Pot-Smoking, Drunken ‘Candidates’ Claim They’d Be Better Mayors than Rob Ford


2014 is the year that residents of Toronto will attempt to oust Rob Ford from his position as Mayor, and apparently, despite the crack thing, it might not be so easy to get rid of him! (For all the non-Canucks, here’s a great primer as to why Ford remains surprisingly popular in Toronto.)

Hence, a new campaign called “No Ford Nation” recently began putting these signs up around the city on behalf of the better-qualified, morally-upright “candidates” that Toronto deserves:

Organizer Christina Robins started the organization three years ago with her brother as a way to protest the mayor’s cuts to public transit, but the recent revelations into Ford’s private life gave her the ammo — and the connections with a Canadian ad agency — to put up the signs, which directs people to a site with information about his opponents. “You don’t want to say ‘anyone but Ford’ and then not give them any resources to make an informed decision,” she told “We want to get back to a mayor who doesn’t embarrass us.”

Because a mayor who defecates in public could possibly make for a better mayor than Rob Ford.


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