Think Tank Reportedly Tweets at Amnesty International: ‘Suck It’ (UPDATED)


Human rights group Amnesty International, which dispatched a team to Ferguson this weekend to monitor the interaction between police and protestors, tweeted the following Monday night:

That elicited the following bro-ply from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a foreign policy think tank in Washington, D.C., captured by several users’ screengrabs:

That tweet appears to have been deleted. As Mashable mused, this could be the old multiple-account uh-oh, in which someone forgot to switch accounts on Tweetdeck before tweeting (happens to the best of us). Either way, this is what CSIS is tweeting now:

Hey, American interventions usually end with a review of what went wrong, too.

UPDATE 10:39 a.m.: In an email to BuzzFeed CSIS blamed the whole thing on an intern:

“Here’s what happened: Early this morning, an unconscionable tweet was directed to Amnesty from CSIS’s Twitter account (@CSIS). The tweet in no way reflects CSIS’s views. It was sent by a CSIS intern who had access to our account for monitoring purposes. Apparently he meant to send something reflecting his personal views from his personal Twitter account. I find his views and the way he expressed them to be abhorrent and will take appropriate action at CSIS to address the matter internally.”

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[Image via screengrab]

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