‘This is Fine’: Twitter Reacts to White House Saying Trump’s Tariff Declaration is ‘Symbolic’


The Twitterverse did a collective double-take on Thursday over the possibility that President Trump‘s tariff proposals — expected to be affirmed in a proclamation on Thursday — might not be anything more than a token gesture.

The White House was expected to confirm sometime this week whether they will move ahead on Trump’s call to levy taxes on imported steel and aluminum. The proposal is a major source of controversy since it will have considerable implications on international economics, and it has been reported that the administration is still frantically hammering out the details.

And according to NBC’s Kristen Welker, a White House official told her that if the president goes ahead with a proclamation on tariffs today, it will be “symbolic” for the most part.

Of course, Twitter had a lot to say about the White House shrugging off an incredibly consequential economic policy decision that could lead to a trade war:

As for what the president has said about tariffs today:

Guess we’ll find out how “symbolic” it’ll be later on.

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