This Japanese Game Show Clip is the Most Frustrating, Compelling Viral Video on the Internet

The game — ever so maddening, ever so simple — is called Slippery Stairs. The premise is this: Six contestants try to make their way up a set of stairs which are covered in a slick oil.

The resulting footage? Equal parts frustrating and compelling. It’s impossible to stop watching as the six unlucky players tread carefully on all fours up the slippery stairs.

And they fall. Over, and over again.

The sequence at the 31 second mark is particularly compelling, as a chain reaction results in four of the players taking a tumble. And at one minute 29 seconds in, the red player comes so close to reaching the summit.

The video of this Japanese game show has made its way across the Internet over the past day, and people just can’t get enough.

Watch above, via Twitter.

[featured image via screengrab]


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