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This Man’s Voicemail for a Politician Is So Profane It Got Him Arrested

Virginian James Timothy Berry pleaded guilty Monday to “curse and abuse” and was charged $250 for leaving a profane voicemail for Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring. Buried lede: apparently people still leave voicemails.

Berry was upset over Herring’s decision to challenge the state’s same-sex marriage ban, and let him know it. Via the Daily Press’ transcription:

Capitol police provided a recording of Berry’s voicemail, and it is quite the rant. He calls Herring an “(expletive)head (expletive),” suggests that he perform a sex act, twice asks Herring to legalize marijuana and requests that he get his “stupid (expletive) out of the newspapers so much, ’cause you ain’t nothing but a (expletive) crook.”

And then, in what may have taken this thing to another level, he closes with this, almost as an afterthought: “Bye. And I hope you die, but I won’t be the one to kill you.”

Authorities say the voicemail didn’t quite rise to the level of “direct threat,” but certainly crossed some line. “Unfortunately some people think that the 1st Amendment allows them to say anything they want to say,” the Capitol Police Captain said. “(But profanity) over the telephone is actually a crime.” (The ACLU fucking disagreed.)

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